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Known Consignors

Staff working for a Known Consignor are required to undertake DfT approved training.

Duration is approximately 3.5 hours but is dependant upon Modules required

There are 8 Modules

1 Aviation security threat & mitigation

1.1 The threat to aviation   

1.2 Aviation security - organisation & legislation                      

1.3 Principles of the air cargo security regime               

2 Prohibited articles

2.1Recognition of explosive & incendiary devices

2.2Methods of concealment

3 Protecting air cargo         

4 Responding to threat warnings & prohibited articles            

5 Making cargo secure

6 Secure transportation

6.1 Secure transportation - Site

6.2 Secure transportation - Drivers          

7 The consignment security certificate

8 The role of the responsible person

All staff who have access to, or knowledge of, secure cargo, will be required to undertake Modules 1 to 5

Those arranging transportation need Module 1 to 6.1

Drivers require Module 1 to 6.2

Staff who sign the Consignment Security Certificate (CSC) require Modules 1 to 7

The Site Security Representative (SSR) needs all 8 Modules

Refresher training is required every 2 years and takes about 2.5 hours

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