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Cargo Operatives Screening



This training is for all staff implementing screening controls for air cargo or mail and is drawn from the relevant parts of Modules 1 to 19


The course duration is 1 to 2 days (depending upon Modules required) and covers all Modules 1 to 10 plus:-

There is also a requirement for OJT (On the Job Training) for certain Modules

            (times vary dependent upon Modules required)


Module 11

Overview of screening methods & selection of the most appropriate method

Module 12

Visual Inspection

Module 13

Hand Search

Module 14


Module 15

Explosive Detection Systems (EDS)

Module 16

Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)

Module 17

Remotes Explosive Scent Tracing (Rest) (Under Suspension at present)

Module 18

Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDDS)

Module 19

Metal Detection Equipment (MDE)

Refresher courses are required every two (2) years


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